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We help organizations revitalize their websites so that marketing directors can effectively build and manage their campaigns.

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Jonathan at Website Revitalize is an expert at his craft. He redeveloped and refreshed our aging corporate website and we can now efficiently manage our content and marketing campaigns.

Marc Tatarsky, SVP Marketing at FieldAware

Website Redevelopment

Website Revitalize is a special web development service for companies whose websites have fallen into disrepair. This can happen if the original developers are no longer involved with the project, the quality of work provided has not met the needs of the company, the content has become too disorganized / lacks structure, or simply if it has been many years (3+) since the website has been refreshed with the latest development techniques.

Our service, run by Los Angeles based web developer Jonathan Lahijani, focuses strictly on website redevelopment. We analyze the issues, limitations and technology of existing websites and provide a comprehensive redevelopment service that maintains (and improves) the design and content while empowering marketing directors with the tools they need to effectively manage large websites for the years ahead.

Projects Completed

Services Overview

Everything you need to revitalize your website

Replatform CMS

The content management system will be replatformed to provide advanced security and content management flexibility.

Content Reorganization

All content will be analyzed, reorganized and restructured based on past and future marketing initiatives.

Design Refresh

Branding and visual identity will be maintained but refreshed with a modern look, including responsive design.

Page Builder

A flexible page builder will be developed that works in tandem with the site content structure. No code required.

Accessibility & Privacy

Updated techniques allowing people with disabilities to properly access website and to comply with privacy regulations.


Optional maintenance plans so that marketing managers can rely on developer for future advanced development needs.

Frequently asked questions

If you can identify with any of following, you will benefit from a website revitalization:

  • We are no longer working with our previous developers and are having trouble updating our website.
  • Our content just feels unorganized and we need someone to make better sense out of it.
  • The website looks old and doesn't adapt to mobile phones, but the content is in good standing.
  • We can't create general landing pages without requiring a developer.
  • Our website is not accessible and we are in danger of being sued.
  • We don't want to use WordPress anymore (due to security issues or because it's too complicated).

After studying your website and its current issues, a new website will be developed that fundamentally addresses all problems discussed. Because the new website is redeveloped from the ground up and the content is expertly re-organized, this fixes any systemic issues that may have existed previously and that were never addressed. During the revitalization process, weekly calls will be conducted so that various questions can be answered and progress can be demonstrated.

It depends on the complexity of the content and design, but generally anywhere from 1-3 months. A cost can be provided after a thorough website analysis.

If you are satisfied with the existing design of the website, it can be maintained (but will be re-coded). Otherwise, the website design will be improved using existing branding and visual identity guidelines. If advanced design needs are required, this can be discussed as well.

We are huge fans of ProcessWire CMS. It's similar to WordPress but more secure, faster and flexible. Our clients find it easy to use, especially after a website has been revitalized and the content within it has been cleanly organized. On the front-end, we use Tailwind CSS, Alpine JS and HTMX. If a specific technology stack is requested, this can be discussed as well.

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